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If you have any questions or comments, or if you would like to contact me in regards to a commission, please drop me an email at


  1. hello
    d like to have your license how I must thank you good day

  2. Hi Dominic I try and buy all your packages because I just love your work. I bought package # 0005 yesterday and am still waiting for the tubes could you please send me a link to get them? I thank you very much and look forward to you putting more up to buy. Have a great day hugs,
    Kitten ( )

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  4. Mr.Marco I recently had one of your variant art works tattooed on my forearm and fell in love with your style. I was curious if I could commission a piece from you and what the cost might be. Please feel free to contact me at with any information.

  5. Hi Marco, I love your tubes, designs, I will look to buy some, I have
    some previous, bought, would like to know also, if you are looking to make personal kits also use of your tubes, for promotion, thanks
    mi correo:
    my blog

  6. Absolutely amazing work good sir.

  7. Have just paid for tubes How do I get them and does the licence come with the tubes

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  8. I too have purchased tubes and haven't received them or my License as I need one :(
    My email would be to match where to send them but I logged in with my Google account

    Mar 28 2015

    Dominic Marco Art

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    Dominic Marco Art

    -negative $5.00

  9. Hi Dominic, wanted to know how to get you to buy more tubes, other than those sold here, thanks

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  11. I need a license to use the tubes I brought from u
    thnk you
    dawn siebert