Thursday, March 3, 2011

Mercy test renders

This is my first 3D character model. She's not fully rigged, nor does she have any blend shapes for facial expressions yet but she will in a couple of weeks as I learn how to do them. I strayed away from my initial concept in a few places because there were things that looked sort of plain when they were drawn on paper, but once you got a 3D textured version, they looked so much better. In this case, it was the boots. I originally wanted over-sized Doc Martin combat boots, but when I drew them, they just didn't 'pop'. So I changed the concept to these Iron Man-esque armoured boots that looked alright on paper, but in actuality, were just really cheesy and looked like something from a 90's comic. So I found a cool pair of motorcycle boots online and took the extra effort to sculpt them (because in all honesty, the Iron Man boots were really easy to create and texture). I also ended up giving her a lot more layers than the initial design because I like the idea of her wearing lots of 'found' items.
And in case you didn't read the description from my old post on the initial designs, her name is Mercy and personality-wise, she's pretty much a cross between Harley Quinn and Pris from Blade Runner. She's a faerie psychopath that had her wings removed as punishment for her crimes (she has a tattoo them on her back) and she travels with a mechanical teddy bear that has a flamethrower for a hand.

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