So, who the heck are you?

Dominic Marco is a classically trained artist/illustrator best known for his whimsically sexy style of Pin-Up art which has been featured in a variety of television advertisements, magazines, and websites.
Prior to flying solo as an self-employed artist, Dominic has worked as an animator, designer, storyboard artist and all-around-computer guru for various companies in both Canada and the UK.
Dominic currently resides in Halifax, Nova Scotia where he is currently learning the ins and out of 3D Animation.

Your work is alright... can I commission something?

Um...sometimes. I have a very busy day job that also involves creating art for 9 hours a day, 5 days a week, so the last thing I want to do most night is draw again when I get home. So for the time being, I won't be taking on any commissions for the time being

I enjoy drawing too... what inspires you?

Like most illustration artists, I grew up on a steady diet of comic books, science fiction and fantasy movies which in no small part molded the person I am today. I love, love, LOVE The Empire Strikes Back, Blade Runner, Brazil but in recent years, I've come to adore the films of Pixar. Oh, and I also love anything that has to do with post-apocalyptic futures and Zombies.

What about TV? Do you watch anything on the tube?

Not really... I'll occasionally veg out on the couch and watch a marathon of 'guilty pleasures' but the only things I'll go out of my way to watch are QI, the Walking Dead, Being Human (UK), and That Mitchell and Webb Look.