Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Stuff from the Vault

A little while ago, someone on my DeviantArt page asked why I chose to color everything realistically, but my drawing style was so cartoony? The simple answer is, I wasn't having any fun when I drew in a typical, Top Cow comic style. I used to draw like that for years, but I was always unhappy with the end result looking too stiff (which it will always be when you draw in that style). Then I came across the work of Dean Yeagle and Bruce Timm and they opened my eyes to a drawing style that was both fun, and naturalistic. So here's a couple of old school pics I did for Top Cow, and I hated every minute of drawing them.

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  1. really i would like to see a tutorial of coloring pictures from you, i´ll really thank youfor that eventhough i cannot color interior comic pages such way cause i will starve...but i, m eagr to see haw you achive so great result...