Thursday, March 3, 2011

Zombies Vs Cheerleaders: Hack/Slash Edition

The steps involved in the creation of a comic cover...
First, the editor sends you a written description of what they specifically want on the cover. In this case, they wanted Cassie Hack in the ZvC cheerleader outfit writing 'I will not hack and slash in class', which is a little joke because this is a crossover comic with Hack/Slash. So, the first step for me was to thumbnail out a design for the cover layout . Concept was approved after making one small tweek to the pose (Cassie needed to be looking back at the reader). Second step was to pencil out the cover on 11"x17" comic board. Then I scan everything into the computer and 'digitally' ink the artwork (third image). This gets sent back to the editor for another look - everything is great so proceed to the colours. Colours and effects (forth image) are done in Photoshop and the hi-res copy is sent off to the comic company for printing.
This comic comes out in May and my cover is a limited edition print run (20% of the total 

printing) so it may be hard to find.

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